Home interior designs – how to freshen up your home

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Interior design is a process of designing a room, a flat or your whole house or building, it often includes the exterior designing, it can include painting your walls or buying a new furniture, adding lamps or mirrors or all of that together.

Nowadays you can hire your own interior designer if you can afford it, or you can embellish your home yourself. Hiring Pasadena interior designers can often be expensive but it happens often, interior designers are hired to design the looks of hotel rooms, lobbies, company offices and also wealthier people’s houses and apartments. Even if you can’t afford paying their services it doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. If you chose to design the look of your house yourself, you can research the internet for some ideas, you can find all kind of how-to videos and step by step instructions. When you chose your favorite look, you can find every material and stuff that you need in home interior stores that are numerous and you can surely find one nearby.

Here are a few ideas of how to freshen up your house and make it more beautiful.

1. Things that you own but never know what to do with them? We all have some of that. Use the items you packed in boxes long time ago and never look at it again. You sure have something such as candlestick, tray or some kind of ornament made of wood, metal, silver or similar, repaint them or just clean them of dust and there you a have new decoration that you can place on bedside or coffee tables and it will instantly change your room interior.
2. If you don’t know what to do with your interior but want to change something adding plants is always a great idea. Other than decorating your rooms they will give them needed color and texture as well as make your home warmer. Plants can also have a great influence on humidity in your rooms, they will always make them fresh and absorb unhealthy gasses, they are cheap so be sure to put at least one in every room.
3. Throw rugs are a great way to change your hardwood floors a little bit, they can give them warmth, color and texture and your room will suddenly get more comfortable. The onset of winter is a great time for decorating your home with these rugs, colder months and warmer home are just a perfect combination. These rugs come in various colors, textures and patterns so you can have fun while choosing which one do you want. One more great idea is combination of various colors or patterns of your rugs, different rugs can lighten up your home interior. And if you have children don’t worry because there are cotton rugs that are easy for washing and making them dirty isn’t an obstacle for making you home stylish.
These few tips you can do yourself and they will surely make your home warmer and more beautiful.
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Interior by Zodiac signs

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Aries would rather chose a house rather than an apartment, and a very spacious rustic style, with a massive front door. The living room is bright, there are plenty of decorative items and a large bookcase. Their home is opulent and modern design.

Taurus enjoys in constantly regulating their living space. Their lawn was always tidy and garden full of flowers. All the furniture is of high quality, preferably handmade, preferring beige color. All colors are very coordinated, living room is spacious with a huge sitting plush.


For them, the entire interior will be unusual and different, everything will be decorated in their specific style. From the bell on the front door, to the curtains on the windows, which would be an unusual shape.
Everything is done in a combination of wood and metal, for that will look to exploit every corner of their home to be absolutely authentic.

Cancers have style and taste when it comes to home decorating. They like everything snug and warm, so that their living space is dominated by bright colors. The living room will be filled with flowers, in the dining room a large, circular table made of solid wood. The carpets were made of wool, coordinated with the color of the walls, furniture and kitchen made in a combination of wood and marble.


Leo all need to shine in all its glory. He will provide themselves a large, armored front door. The living room is bright with huge windows across the entire wall and striking chandelier. The combination of black and white was their favorite furniture, the main place to sit in the living room is next to the luxurious fireplace.

Virgo, unlike the others, like an apartment more than a house. One entire wall in the living room is filled with shelves of books, and the furniture is made of wood, the entire interior is brown with variations in shading.

The living room would have been in a lilac color, with long, airy curtains at the windows. In the dining room there is a large glass table with a vase of flowers on it, and chandeliers would also be glass.
All of her space is equipped with the latest technology, such as video surveillance at the entrance. The furniture is made of leather and wood, in the living room is a black leather sofa that stands in front of the fireplace.

The front door of his apartment are large and white, a long hallway, and often irregularly shaped. The living room is large, and the dining table is a combination of wood and glass.


The front doors are made of dark wood, in the living room has a lot of antiques. The curtains are dark, and the main part of the living room fireplace is ornamented with crystals on it, the whole interior is filled with period furniture.

Aquarius would rather live in a penthouse with a large terrace from where you would stretch a great view. In the dining room, there would be a bar, the furniture in it would be a combination of metal and wood. Furniture in the living room is combined with darker colors, and also would have a lot of flowers grown.


Their home is in unusual colors, the curtains in the living room are mauve color and gray furniture with lots of pillows on it. The hallway and the living room would gladly cast a large aquarium that make them relaxed.

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Wardrobes – all in one place

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When we say dressers and closets usually mean the area within a wall. Contemporary design and technical solutions have led to the entire room, you can equip the cabinets and shelves. Wardrobes, if you have the conditions, giving you the option to avoid the bulky furniture in the rest of the apartment. Whether your space is small or large, will pose a special challenge to the storage closet. This can be done in several ways. See some of the proposals in the text.
The three main categories: pieces, built and “Walk In” dressers, always custom made in accordance with the needs of the client. The large dimensions of these elements seeking deliberate approach in the design and per formative sense, of course taking into account the functionality and easy maintenance. Due to favorable prices usually works in combination massif and veneer with standard panel materials.

For starters should be well planned (consequently what you want to hold in wardrobe) and make adequate share of shelves, wall cabinets, drawers to be found inside. Can often be overlooked need and to eventually get the extra space which is not well used. Think about what your priorities and outline the division of the inner space of your wardrobe. Of course it is always welcome and expert advice.

As a temporary solution in your home can serve niches in the wall that already exist. They can simply partitions inside and visually close the sliding panels and simplest as in the case of a curtain or drapery.

bedroom-wardrobe-250x250Ideal wardrobe is inspired by city life and extremely practical for areas lacking comfort. Functional is mobile and does not take up much room. It consists of two foldable parts. On the front (door) is the cupboard wardrobe, shelf-like three hidden pockets and large drawers at the bottom. On the second (back) part of the closets are adjustable shelves for shoes. This wardrobe is a great example of functional design, in which much can you fit.

Simpler design and considerably cheaper are definitely closets made of canvas and wooden structures. Lake holdings, mobile, have the option of adding and changing the position of shelves, drawers and pockets. They are extremely practical mainly small footprint and cannot find a place in every corner of the apartment. The visual as well “packed” behind the screen that hides the interior of wardrobe.

The core of every wardrobe are hanging parts, which in this case were reduced to pure minimalism and stripped so that the content is visible. More often been seen in the dressing rooms of the theater, this kind of cute hanger has found its place in a modern city apartment. Mobile skeletons wardrobe may be displayed in every part of the apartment and that they may be at hand.

And finally of course the most ideal and most luxurious variation on a theme wardrobe is definitely separate room for storage wardrobe. It may be of different sizes, within the bedroom, bathroom or as a separate room.

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What to do when your room is just not the first choice to hangout

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I had, in many life experiences as a guy who moves a lot, some trouble by making my life goes in right direction. Many times I have been lived in small rooms, rooms that don’t have enough light, rooms that just aren’t designed for living. Landlords just wanted to rent it, and didn’t think about how you’ll live your everyday life in that place. So, you found a new place to live, but it is far away from perfect. What to do?

It is probably good idea to call someone you trust and start conversation about your problem. When you have enough money, it’s not a problem to call professional interior designer and pay him. He will advise you, you’ll make a few choices, and your room will shine with new light. But, let’s face it.
You are renting the room. All you could do is to be creative, and call someone else that you think is suitable for a creative advice. It is important to have more than one point of view.

So, now it is time to rearrange your room. No matter how small room is, with creative arranging, the room will be more functional and have more space. Think it through all aspects and structure that your rooms have. Your furniture is big aspect of functionality of room. It is important to see which things are just not needed. But don’t throw away all furniture that you think is not needed at once. Use all things that are useful. For example, I have transformed my locker into my work table. And it is the best work table I’ve ever had. So, don’t just get rid of your furniture. Try to find new meaning and new purpose for your old furniture.


Let the light in. People are just like plants. They need air and light, so make sure that you have both . Don’t let some small space dictate how you live. If it is small, make it bright enough. That will help. With enough light, everything seems bigger. How to do that? Paint your room in white, or another light color. Make some space for light to get in. Don’t put some piece of furniture near windows.

Use your walls. If your room is small, don’t overload your floor. It will make your room look even smaller. Use the fact that you have much space on your walls that could be wasted. Walls are not just for paintings. Think what you could do with them. Search on internet to find many possibilities for saving the space of room by using walls.

Make sure that all things in your room have a purpose. Find your own way for achieving more design harmony. Find a reason for all items in your home. Every piece of furniture has a meaning. And its meaning is to be a harmonic part of your room.

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Kitchen worktops

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When you decided to choose materials design for your kitchen worktop, you’ll realize that it’s not so easy task. Today, the market is infinitely large choice of colors, materials and textures, natural, combined to bogus.

When you decided to choose the material and design for your worktop, you’ll realize that it’s not so easy task. Today, the market is infinitely large choice of colors, materials and textures, natural, combined to completely artificial. Fixed rules when it comes to choosing your desktop, do not exist. But the most important thing is certainly maintenance. Since desktop use every day, it is necessary and daily maintenance. The most important thing is to be well cleaned and dried. So we will also extend their lifespan. In the election must take account of their durability, strength and texture. Because these are areas that every day, moisturize, yeast, dirty.

Laminated table tops are made of chipboard panels coated hard and smooth coating of the laminate. Easy to maintain and very affordable priced. They are offered in a number of colors and patterns and are very decorative.
Although tolerate heat, laminated table tops are resistant to high temperatures, the scraping and cutting. Easy to maintain and it is enough to wash the wet cloth with a little dishwashing detergent.

Table tops made of ceramic tiles. Although until recently worktops, ceramic tile saw each other only in Mediterranean cuisines, they are becoming increasingly popular in our area. Of course, not without reason, because not only are very decorative and are offered in a myriad of colors, patterns and textures, but also highly resistant, durable and easy to maintain water. They are resistant to heat, stains and scratches and damages cutting. But the advantages are manifested only if they are professionally installed.

Synthetic materials.
Synthetic materials that are made of polyester or acrylic is very easy to maintain. Gather almost as granite or marble but also time consuming. They are fully waterproof and any dents or scratches that can occur, you can fix a light sanding using sandpaper. Kerrock belongs to the group of synthetic materials. His appearance may vary from natural stone to samples of various colors and textures. It is extremely practical because any damage on it can easily restored. The worktops kerrock can be mounted sink from the same material. So you get the unbroken wholeness that will give your kitchen an original look.

able tops made of natural stone, of which the most popular granite, are very luxurious and of course very expensive. You can choose different colors and shades. Besides being characterized by excellent esthetics, table tops made of granite and are almost indestructible. Resistant to cutting, scraping, moisture and high temperatures. It is easy to maintain with a damp cloth. But, slabs of natural stone, if something falls on them hard, and can break, so they should be kept. Marble, for example, must be periodically protected because it can absorb fluids that will spoil its appearance. If you do not have time to maintain, it may be better to choose another material.

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